The Millersburg Glass Museum

The Millersburg Glass Museum has found a permanent home on the campus of the Holmes County Cultural Center Campus. Located in the lower level of the main building, the museum is handicap-accessible in a facility that has been renovated to highlight the glass and its history. Inside the interpretive room, guests can familiarize themselves with the history of the local glass plant, its workers and owner, John Fenton. Beyond, they'll absorb the chronological arrangement of the magnificent glasswork create from within the bowels of the factory and its kilns. Find out why these sterling masterpieces remain works of art cherished by collectors worldwide. Ask about featured pieces and collections on loan to the museum from of these private collectors. The museum is located in the building next to the Victorian House Museum. Ticketing for glass museum is in the lobby of the Victorian House Museum.  2022 hours begin with weekends only in March 1:00-4:00 and April-Oct. Tues. - Sunday 1:00-4:00.